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  1. Jamke

    Jamke New Member

    Hi Guys,

    Please listen to my latest track I recorded last night, had nothing to do, so remade this latest song from the upcoming movie "Dus". :aggre:
    This song is sung by me, and the music is also created by me.

    The instruments used were Drums and Casio and some digital trance music.

    Please go to my website: http://jamke.cjb.net

    The song would be on my music page......

    Waiting for comments

    Laterzzzz :beer:
  2. 6string_addict

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    yea...lovely...awesome...juzz like a pro...
  3. Jamke

    Jamke New Member

    Hey guys,

    I have made some corrections to all the songs that I have sung and created so far. Please go to my website and check them out.

    List of songs that you can find on my website that are musically created and sung by me:
    1) Dus Bahane - Dus
    2) Le Chale - My Brother Nikhil
    3) Tu - Sonu Nigam private album
    4) Bheegay Hoth Tere - Murder
    5) Kehna Hai Aaj Tujhse - Chori Chori
    6) Hum Bewafa - Shalimar
    7) Tum dil ki - Dhadkan

    I have created in total around 30 songs, but I guess the above 7 are somewhat my favorite. I have a few of my own compositions also, if you would like to listen to them, please let me know.

    Click Below to enter my website and to listen my songs:


    Please give me some comments on how to improve, it would be highly appreciated!!

  4. Mudit Malhotra

    Mudit Malhotra BLOODY FINGERED

    wow!!!!!!!!! it says cr8ted by MUDIT !!!!!!!!!
  5. Jamke

    Jamke New Member

    Yeh, My name is also MUDIT !!! :beer:

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