Duncan SH2n vs Dimarzio PAF Pro

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by prathmesh13, May 11, 2009.

  1. prathmesh13

    prathmesh13 New Member

    hi ther...

    I am using a custom guitar and would like to change the pickups. I was lookin for a Duncan Sh2 (Neck) and Dimarzio Super Distortion (Bridge) but unfortunately Duncan Sh2 is out of stock. So now I am considering Dimarzio PAF Pro or Air Norton at neck. Which do you think is the best combo? How different are Sh2 and PAF Pro. Shall I go for PAF or wait for Sh2?
    I am mainly into thrash metal (Megadeth, Metallica,Slayer,Pantera) but I am also lookin for soloing sounds of Pearl Jam, Led Zepp, GNR, Pink Floyd

    Custom Guitar Indian Alder Body
    Maple Neck
    Rosewood Fretboard
    Roland Cube 15X Amp
    Boss ME 20 Processor
  2. thepacifist2013

    thepacifist2013 V.I.P Member

    I have a SH-2N (Jazz) if you want.
  3. prathmesh13

    prathmesh13 New Member

    I guess u have a SH1n jazz...let me know

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