Drummer looking for new group in bangalore

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by rock_lover, Nov 28, 2014.

  1. rock_lover

    rock_lover New Member


    I'm a techie and earn my bread doing a full time job, have a family. Used to play drums in my college band - never got any opportunity to play drums since I completed my degree.

    Would like to start again with like minded people - less show-off more music. I believe in self satisfaction first, publicity second. I'm more inclined to metal, progressive rock.

    Waiting for replies ...

  2. thunderstorm29

    thunderstorm29 New Member

    I am from Bangalore too Hanumanthnagar, I have been practising since a year and a half and I can play a couple of chords including barres. have started composing some songs too, though I am a beginner, I am a full time Software Engineer but I've always got time for my passion. Let me know if you could mingle with me. You could give me a try though, PM me your contact no, Will whats app you if everything goes fine.

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