Drummer ... Is anyone there : Bangalore

Discussion in 'IGT Soundtrack - Your Band, Your Gig, Your Music' started by Nanda, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. Nanda

    Nanda Bassist

    hey is there any drummer available from bangalore ... Ready to play Met , Maiden, Sabbath , Dio , Floyd , Deep Purple , Led Zep sorta stuffs ...
  2. jekyll

    jekyll Banned

    whoa - kinda my taste ...

    but am not a drummer ... and not in bangalore ... :cry1:
  3. chintan9

    chintan9 yay! i won the ipod!

    what happened to Pavan?
  4. itwasnoteasy

    itwasnoteasy E chord humka dede Thakur

    jekyll why are u sad? coz' u r not a drummer or because you are not in b'lore ;)
  5. Nanda

    Nanda Bassist

    Hey it looks like pavan wants to play guitar ... So this is just a back up move .. Dont want to be lost the day he comes and tells I QUIT !!
  6. jekyll

    jekyll Banned


    both reasons


    i wanna be drummist ...
  7. ronnieanand

    ronnieanand n00bier th@n th0u

    Nobody gets lost if anybody quits. Nobody is irreplacable in the band too.
  8. rock_lover

    rock_lover New Member

    Hi Nanda,

    I'm interested.

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