Dreams of Darkness

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  1. shashankgothic

    shashankgothic New Member

    I see demonic shadows,
    floating in the darkness,
    waiting me to fall a sleep,
    searching a moment of my weakness...

    Shadows of death,
    inside my head,
    this outstanding pain,
    in my brain...

    Flames of hellfire,
    in my eyes,
    smell of death,
    in my nose...

    Molten seas of hell,
    this demonic smell,
    someone is casting a dark spell,
    holding me in the hell...
  2. shashankgothic

    shashankgothic New Member

    hey guys koi reply karega??????????????? i m waitin
  3. madhuresh

    madhuresh madhuresh

    i think this is just an expression of forced desire to write something dark... waht do u want to say care to explain ....i do read thigs which do not make sense in sentences or meaings but give a different feel after read ...but even that is missing here ...this is sure crap ... may be im wrong
  4. shashankgothic

    shashankgothic New Member

    i dont know if its crap or not but but just watch out for my next
  5. madhuresh

    madhuresh madhuresh

    post it................

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