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    I dont know whether this place is right for asking such questions . but i will ask this one.
    Whats the interval between the first two strings in the guitar e & b
    its e f g a b= 4 notes if u at look at it this way
    b c d e =3 notes . if u c it this way.
    please excuse me if u find this a dumb question
  2. bjr

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    It depends. As you know, the notes keep repeating themselves after every 12 intervals so it's a circle really. Imagine a clock and replace each of the numbers with a note. You'll have the arrangement of notes and you shall find that you can go from B to E either way. If you go clockwise, you shall be going higher and thus will reach the B note that is higher than the E note and if you go anticlockwise, you shall be going to an octave lower than the E.

    Actually when you're going from B to E on the 1st 2 strings, you are going to the E higher than the B note on the second string. Thus, the difference will be B, C , C#, D, D#, E......i.e-a gap of 4 frets between the two.
  3. ambush

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    e of the first string i of higher frequency than b
    you have to progress from lower frequency to higher
    ie b c d e
    or actually B,C,C#,D,D#,E

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