Dorian Scale - Three Note Per String for Supercharged Solos

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    Here is the Dorian Scale for Three Note Per String Pattern. You could either look at Dorian as a separate scale by itself or consider a Major Scale which starts from the second degree or the second note. Considering it as a Major Scale which has a different start point also has the advantage of getting familiar with the notes on the Major Scale in that particular fret position.
    These kind of Three Note Per String patterns are great for Legato runs and fast triplet runs. You could even tap the whole scale sequence if that interests you.

    E --------+------+------+------+--1---+---2--+------+--3--+------+------+
    B --------+------+------+------+--6---+---7--+------+--R--+------+------+
    G --------+------+--3--+------+--4---+-------+--5--+------+------+------+
    D --------+------+--7--+------+--R---+-------+--2--+------+------+------+
    A --------+------+--4--+------+--5---+-------+--6--+------+------+------+
    E --------+------+--R--+------+--2---+---3--+------+------+------+------+

    Try the legato lick shape, that I had given in Ionian Scale thread I had posted.

    The interval formula for DORIAN Scale = WHW - W - WHW
    W = Whole Step or Full Step or 2 Frets.
    H = Half Step or 1 Fret.

    Dorian Scale is widely used by people like George Lynch, Warren De Martini, etc..
    Finally feedbacks please. Only you will decide whether I continue this or not.
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    i like the bit about applying the legato techinique to the modes... all the modes can be found in a few threads.. btw.. so u can just post there and save urself the rouble of sittinh and writing them...
  3. ronnieanand

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    I saw a couple of threads which talked about modes. All it says is
    C,D,E,F,G,A,B,C = Ionian
    D,E,F,G,A,B,C,D = Dorian
    and blah blah.

    I am talking about a moveable scale pattern which can be used for soloing. I haven't see much on moveable shapes here, that's why I penning a few here. If people think this stuff is a waste, then I wont post such things again.
  4. ronnieanand

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    Forgot to mention something. You can play the Dorian Scale over a Minor Chord and it'd go well with it.
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    usure there isnt something on the shapes of modes - i thoguht it was there?

    mustve raead it seomwhere else...

    i know my thread didnt talk of shapes... but keep up the work... im sure hat u could save urself some time either ways by just putting all the moveable shapes in this thread only and get ppl to figure out the rest thmeselvs from ur 1st 2 threads...

    dyu have nay other nie legato licks other than thos uve already hsown - i like them...
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    naa keep it goin yaar .. u r doin great!!
    i had almost forgottent about dorian, aah, i am one of those who are kiddnapped by majors and pentas ... gooooood recall ...
    waiting for more......
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    i am in a fix . they say that solo can be over the pentatonic scale of correspondng chord. aslo we have these several modes at our disposal to solo upon. so what do we choose then ??
  8. ronnieanand

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    Lets say, you are playing a song in the C Major chord progression. You could chose to play the A Minor Pentatonic or Natural or C Major Pentatonic or Natural or any of the modes depending on how do you want to flavour your solo. Try it out. No sound in this world can be properly explained. It has to be heard.
  9. ronnieanand

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    Old Thread...Read it if you like it...
  10. alpha1

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    Read it.

    but you should've written the whole Dorian pattern, I mean all teh three notes per string positions.

    That helps in moving the dorian (or any other mode/scale) over the fretboard.

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