Doorie (Atif) Cover by me

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  1. ~Emperor~

    ~Emperor~ New Member

    Guys.. sang and played a few lines of this song which i heard today. iam sure most of u wud have heard before.

    Doori by Atif Aslam - My Cover
    lo-fi URL:
    hi-fi URL:

    would post the whole song ( its cover) in a few days.. with all alaap n stuff ( for those of u who complin that ppl skip alaaps becos they r dificult)

    As usual , ur comments..specially if u like my cover(s) even a lil bit.. it adds to my confidence to work harder and become better..

    take care..and love u all ..
  2. ajitmat_24

    ajitmat_24 New Member

    But the sound of ur guitar was more than ur voice in ur next recording make sure u don't repeat it.
    Yeah, can i get the chords?

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