Door Kahi Chords - Pankaj Awasthi

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  1. ruturajv

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    I've tried this... please let me know if I'm wrong
    The strumming is a very easy down down strum, with a little of up-down for your taste.

    All chords are barre shape

    door kahi lechalo tum mujhako
    G                     C
    nahi chaayiye ye duniyaa
    G                C
    saath le chalo unko haan unko
    G                       C  
    woh jo samjhe duriya haan duriya.
    G                        C
    hmm.... hmm.... hmm... hmm....
    G                 C
    hmm.... hmm.... hmm... hmm....
    G         D           C
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    could not verify your chords as i never heard the song :p: which movie/album song it is?
  3. ruturajv

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