Doon Attorney - Wings (Gustavo Santaolalla Cover)

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  1. Anant_5am

    Anant_5am New Member

    This is probably one of the worst recordings I've done. Actually I tabbed it myself so kinda screwed in the rhythm part. This is a song from the movie Brokeback Mountain, so if you haven't heard the original please listen.Its worth. Here's the link:

    Comments are welcome.

  2. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist

    its fun isnt it when you dont get any replieS???
  3. Anant_5am

    Anant_5am New Member

    What is the problem with you Sukrut... Man!!! Can't you just leave it.. I mean I was going to include a line in the original post saying "Please, no postings by Sukrut" but then I thought you'll not be dumb enough to post after what all I said to you in my last post...
    But then, some people just don't get it!
  4. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist

    well after calling the truce here's my view:

    never heard this part before.......sounds nicely dont esp the part where notes are played on 2 diff octaves......

    and there's way too much reverb!!! even the echoes were too long!!
  5. Anant_5am

    Anant_5am New Member

    Again man!!! Someone help me out with the reverb part in "Audacity"...I've tried and tried but can't find the right setting!!!
    Thanks mate!

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