Doon Attorney - Chal Chale (James Cover)

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  1. Anant_5am

    Anant_5am New Member

    Hi folks,
    This is my first ever Hindi cover so pardon me if I've done it the wrong way. This is "Chal Chale" from the movie Gangster(???) by James.
    Actually I was inspired to do this after I heard "SUMANTMODAK" sing it. It was a nicely done cover and I thought, "Well, if this guy has made it so simple why not try it myself?"
    Anyways, I used the chords posted by "paranoid13rohan", which, I assume, are the correct chords (they sound better to me!). Thanks mate! However, no chords were given for the bridge (the screaming part...), so I did it myself( which is wrong at places!)..

    Anyways, here's the link,....

    Hope you guys like it..Comments are welcome...
    Once again all credit goes to sumantmodak and paranoid13rohan.. Great jobs by them ...Kudos!

    Comments are welcome...Do Post..

    (P.S.: I'd appreciate if Sukrut doesn't post!)
  2. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist

    well, you've stepped down on the reverb this time a bit too much....

    also the vocals are a bit loud.......its like your mouth is at the edge of the speakers......try to keep it low and soulful........and basically inside!

    you own a nice voice.....just need to fine tune it........

  3. Anant_5am

    Anant_5am New Member

    hey man!!!
    thanks for the comment...yaar i dont know the reverb settings in "audacity"...
    can yu tell me what to do..i cant make it out!
  4. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist

    dude.....for the effects you need to use a software called "sony sound forge" what you do is record using audacity and mix it there itself......but instead of using the built in effects of audacity you can transport it to sound forge and then edit it there using the better effects which are present in sf......

  5. Anant_5am

    Anant_5am New Member

    Alritee mate!!! Got it!!
    Lets see when can I get my hands on Sound Forge.. Heard a lot about it but haven't tried yet..I'll try getting it ASAP!!!
    Thanks for the advise!
  6. Keoraf

    Keoraf Keyboard Player

    If this your first hindi song, hmm.., its done pretty well.
    The guitaring sounds good. The vocals have to be imrpoved, there are some Sur faults here and there.
    Overall very well done man!

    Why should you go for Sound Forge, it is a good prog, but why not for the best, Adobe Audition!!!! And also search for some good VST plugins!
  7. Anant_5am

    Anant_5am New Member

    O yeah! Adobe Audition is good.. I tried using it once but it was too too complex..made my head spin. anyways that was way back in time...
    I'll se how soon i can use it again!!
    Thanks for the coments...I'll look for the "Sur" faults next time!!
  8. sumantmodak

    sumantmodak Musically Yours !!!

    I am too Normal Guy to be somebodies Inspiration... sorry to find this post late.. Nice Attempt .. good vocals make the noise little down..

    After all we are all learning , aren't we :)

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