Dooba Dooba ( Silk Route )-- CHORDS

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  1. vishwa_81us

    vishwa_81us Banned

    Hi Frnds !!!

    I am posting the chords of dooba dooba... by silk route... Hobner_Rocks check this !!! Guys tell me how it sounds...

    Duba Duba Rehta Hu Yaado Me Teri

    Deewana Ban Gaya Hu Mai Aab Chahat Me Teri

    Aab Din Guzarte Nahi

    Raatein Kaat Ti Nahi

    Tasvir Se Baat Banti Nahi

    Too AAAAAAAA......

    [First Antra]
    Tum Jo Mil Gaye

    Diye Jaal Gaye

    Meri Raaho Meee

    Aab Jaao Tum Mere Humsafar.......

    Bewafa Sun Bewafa Naja Bewafa

    Naa Jaaaaa.......

    [Second Antra]
    Koi Jaane Naa

    Pehchane Naa

    Ye Hua Kaise

    Tum Aagaye Baaho Me Kaise...

    Bewafa Sun Bewafa Aaja Bewafa

    Naa Jaaaaa.......


    vishwa :cool:
  2. madsuvac

    madsuvac New Member

    hey mad !

    pagal ho gaya kya ka ....?

    kis ko itna body showing kar raha hai.
  3. vishwa_81us

    vishwa_81us Banned

    hey Mad Suvac ..

    Thanks for liking my body... But I am not interested in males... By the way do u like my chords...

    vishwa :cool:
  4. nik_bokacheley

    nik_bokacheley :help: I'm a mad :sadbye:

    Is that you in the picture..??..And the chords are OK i suppose..:)
  5. gogol

    gogol New Member

    ;) Hey i'm new to this forum. However, this is one of my favorites. So THANKS A LOT for posting the chords.
    :rock: Rock On
  6. aleric

    aleric New Member

  7. 7miles

    7miles ____7miles to success____

    baaap re ....... hey who the hell is in da pic . i mean whom r u showing ur ass
    ...... n reguarding the chords its kool ... so keep goin
  8. neelabha

    neelabha New Member

    hey just change the C chord to C add11 sounds better C add11 (x320033)


    thnx bro for this song. i am elated that u posted one good stuff and i was bored of watching guies playing this song in F# and Bb.

  10. vishwa_81us

    vishwa_81us Banned

    thanx dude... well nice ID u have HARIOMTATSAT..........
  11. skywriter

    skywriter cHiLdReN oF bODOm

    this song will sound better if u use cadd9 instead of c.and in the middle part u can use g Am and c d
  12. neelabha

    neelabha New Member

    ahem...that's what I said...didnt I?
  13. shan

    shan New Member

    VP, the chords are okay, but the placement of chords are not in "ab din gujarte nahi" will be like

    Ab din gujarte nahi
    Rate katte nahi

    like that it goes....
    aami shankha
  14. haydes

    haydes New Member

    try using this variation of D... I dont know the name (x00212) instead of the normal D after C in the lines.. Ab din guzarte....

  15. vishwa_81us

    vishwa_81us Banned

    Thanx frnds... for ur appreciations..

    shankha u r rite ... it shud be C...D / C...D .. hey do give me ur office email id..

    haydes.. that version of D is called D7... u can use D7 instead of D but it sounds a bit different to me...
  16. aray yaaar kuch jaam nai raha yaar g chord is not goin to d song pattern for sure kuch idea day pls ~SaNju~
  17. suman_d

    suman_d New Member


    I am an absolute beginner. Can any one plz post dooba dooba chords in the following format:

    E - ---- 1--
    A-------2-3 --------
    E ----- 1 ---------

  18. aniketpataskar

    aniketpataskar New Member

    hey dude the scale of the song is f major n nt g
  19. ArindamSarkar

    ArindamSarkar New Member

    [strike through]
    Patakar is wrong. It is in G. This is the 3rd post I am having to correct. Do check out this link and play along with the track.

    @AP: Please do not post unqualified comments. Sincerely request you to tune your guitar. No offense.
    [/strike through]
  20. JUDAS_666

    JUDAS_666 New Member

    you've transposed the scale to 1 whole step.......else, the chords sound perfect

    well i've noticed another varation where instead of C and D for the part "ab din gujarte nahi" , Am and Bm is used (Gm and Am instead of Bb and C in the original scale)....and i think it's wrong.....what do u say?

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