Don't you have a manual tuner? Tune with your crappy Nokia phone!!

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    Many mobile phones today including almost all the Nokia phones have built in composer software. Did you know that you could use that for tuning your guitar? It is as perfect as it can get (because it uses digital frequency). These softwares are as good as a manual tuner.

    How to tune?

    Go to the composer -> choose the lowest tempo -> now press 3 for E note a few times (use full notes for best result, i.e 1e1, 1b1 etc)). then play the composed tune and tune the guitar with it!

    Either repeat the process for the other notes (the notes are different 7 for B note, 5 for G note and so on), or do it with the relative tuning method..

    I posted the relative tuning method in another is the link.

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    thank you :)

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