Don't You Forget About Me Baby - Enrique

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    they say love is just a game
    they say time can heal the pain
    sometimes you win, sometimes you lose
    and i guess i'm just a fool
    i keep holding on to you

    i told you once you were the one
    you know that i'd die for you
    Although it hurts to see you go
    oh this time you should know
    i won't try to stop you

    don't you forget about me baby
    don't you forget about me now
    some day you'll turn around and ask me, why did i let you go?
    ] -- #

    so you try to fake a smile
    you don't wanna break my heart
    i can see that you're afraid
    but baby its to late
    cause I'm already dying


    (instrumental interlude)

    why did i let you go

    why did I let you go

    wherever I go, I won't forget about you
    (oh no, oh no, oh no)
    wherever you go, don't you forget about me

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