done: Hadh by Sifar (chords&riffs)

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  1. aysh

    aysh -|h3 ori9in4| (ui!aris-|-

    hey ppl check out this cool song by a band Sifar

    *played on distortion
    C#m           E                 C#m               C#m 
    C#m           E                 C#m              C#m
    now main intro riff which also continues into 
    the stanzas of the song
    (a little tricky to play but u can hold C#m and then
     change finger positions)
    [riff         ] [riff       ]
    C#m             E
    palkon pe sapne hain ..
    C#m        E    
    mere apne hainn ..
    B        E       C#m    
    dil mein toofaan hain..
    B       E     C#m  
    laakh armaan hainn ..
    A         B
    kuchh na kaho . . 
    A        B
    khwaab sajaane do
    C#m   B            C#m
    hadh se guzar jaane do ...
    C#m   B             C#m
    hadh se guzar jaane do
    A      B           E  
    mujhe zindaa rehne do .....
    C#m   B             A
    hadh se guzar jaane do .(end)
    hope u like it ! :)
  2. anujroy

    anujroy New Member

    hey nemo... really nice work buddy ... but instead of C#m scale ...try the Cm scale ...!!!
    just a suggestion though ... let me know ur views on this ...!!!
    bye n tc
  3. aysh

    aysh -|h3 ori9in4| (ui!aris-|-

    thx anuj .
    well i rechecked . . the original scale is C#m only but u can always change the scale to ur needs !
    but what the heck.. no one else it seems is interested in this song. :mad:
    i know its not a Jal song :) but try listening to this song atleast. its really good to me .

    anuj post a download link if u have any .. i think its not their anymore on the site where i got that from :(
  4. anujroy

    anujroy New Member

    yea ... u r right dude ... can be done on any scale ... !!!
    i like this song and really don't know why people have not yet heard this one ???....
    and yea ...its available at
    bye n tc,

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