Does giving Rep. to Tabbers good ?

Discussion in 'Hindi Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by THE HELPER, Mar 23, 2009.


Giving Rep. is good ?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. Who care's

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  4. Don't know

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    THE HELPER New Member

    Hello guys n gals is giving rep. to a tabber is good.

    Plz post you view. You view wil help me to decide

    that I'll again start Tabbers of the month like thing

    ( This time all tabbers with min. 3 post will get rep. )

    from me.

    Waiting for your view.

  2. vivek.gaur0816

    vivek.gaur0816 VivekLoveRock....

    Well i dont think its kinda practice out here.
    its ma personal experience with lot of my posts that people do come n view..dat is it..
    nobody even think about reps n ol.
  3. alienroar

    alienroar 6 string fanatic

    ^Thats so true.
  4. DSG

    DSG New Member

    Giving rep. to a tabber is good.
    Keep the good work!
  5. 123_guitar

    123_guitar New Member

    Giving rep to tabber is good. recieving rep makes him work good.
  6. Ajay kumar

    Ajay kumar New Member

    I totally agree with you .
  7. problem child

    problem child New Member

    It is the need of the FORUM

    Vivek you are right but if they post any comment or suggestion isn't it better ?

    Ok Rep. is not needed but if you post something on someone's request and letter

    no one ( mainly who make request ) didn't even post a reply , it's a bit frustating.
  8. problem child

    problem child New Member

    You agree with Vivek and even I agree with him but if they get rep. I think

    they will feel that their work get noticed and work hard.
  9. Jonny Joker

    Jonny Joker New Member

    I think yes. Those who post useful thing , deserve it.
  10. sand storm

    sand storm New Member

    Well some Igtians give some not. Who cares really ?
  11. chinta

    chinta New Member

    Sand Storm you are tabber youself but still say so ?
  12. chinta

    chinta New Member

    No one but to encourage them it is required.
  13. problem child

    problem child New Member

    Even Igtians don't have time to reply your post.
  14. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    I believe reps shud be given if only:
    1. the work is most accurate
    2. unique, i mean submitting tabs that every1 already has, just cuz u did it few yrs l8 than others doesnt giv a reason to rep
    3. if som new musician does some awesome play,/gig then he must be rep'ped!
    case in point: slipknot_555 made some metal music tat no1 really cared to see.......tats a real discouragement to musicmakers!
  15. Grahan

    Grahan New Member

    Helper u r doing the same thing I have done 2-3 years back when I join this forum .

    Nothing wrong in it. If u need help tell me.

    I'll help u.
  16. Grahan

    Grahan New Member


    Giving rep. to all post is not fair but if you reply to their post I thing it is good .
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  17. Mind hunter

    Mind hunter New Member

    If you like someones work then why not ?
  18. adighu

    adighu New Member

    if the post is good then rep should be given

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