does anyone knows where to get tolex or its substitutes in india??

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by deepsal, May 28, 2011.

  1. deepsal

    deepsal New Member

    I need tolex or something equivalent to it
    does anyone knows where to get it in india
    @flood did you asked a question about tolex on some amp site??
  2. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

  3. deepsal

    deepsal New Member

    I have read this already but wanted to know if flood posted it
    and if he did what are his opinions on rexine
  4. flood

    flood New Member

    hi, i did in fact post that thread. i'm quite active on TAG.

    i used rexine and for my purposes, it's fine. BUT: if you expect heavy roadwork, i'd advise you to import the real thing, i haven't seen tolex in india, and i've scoured the entire mohd. ali rd markets. rexine is fine for me, but it's really soft compared to tolex. tolex is harder and textured and will probably hold up MUCH better.

    seeing that my guitar cabs move, at a maximum, from one room to another once in a year, and that too on wheels, i didn't really care.

    tolex is a brand name and not a generic - it's the material that they used on old hatchbacks. i don't think too many industries even use tolex now. you can buy it online from Antique Electronic Supply, shouldn't be an issue with customs. i bought grill cloth from there on a couple of occasions and it's the real deal.

    if i find another alternative i'll post back here.

    for more info, check out this thread: Is it really Tolex? Does it matter? - TalkBass Forums
  5. deepsal

    deepsal New Member

    actually i am building a cab built from a carpenter under my supervison
    using fingerjoints
    and is grill cloth necessary i mean its just a cloth right i was thinkin about getting a metal grille and putting it infrontbof the baffle
    any suggestions on what should be the thickness of the grille and stuff
    and is there any specific place where i can buy the grills
    i live in kolkata btw and i saw you mentioned in your post that you got it for 4$ if it ends getting torn i'l put another one i'l be carring it in my crv anyways for gigs anyways so shouldnt me much of a problem

    another question where do you get your pedal enclousures from?
    i was thinking about building a fuzzface on a breadboard and putting it in a metal enclosure
  6. flood

    flood New Member

    dunno about metal grills. i don't like them at all - hate the way they look, the fact that they're resonant and more importantly, if the construction is even slightly off, a slightly loose screw will be your ticket to rattle heaven. that's why i went for basketweave.

    the grille cloth is necessary to protect your speaker from cats, curious kids, accidents, spi.lls, upset fans, pete townshend, speaker rapists and other intrusive accidents, attacks and se.xual deviants. i haven't installed mine, because most of that stuff doesn't happen to me and pete doesn't enjoy wrecking 1x12"s (he's also cooled off a lot recently).

    you can use your imagination with grille cloth - you could go with pretty much anything that is somewhat strong, does not impede or affect sound propagation too much and you can work with easily.

    like 90% of my amp components, some of my stompbox stuff is imported. that includes enclosures and switches. bought here: Pedal Parts Plus, Inc.

    one more caveat - depending on how you build your cab, you will have to strip and rexine THE WHOLE DAMN THING if it tears and you need to do it again.
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  7. deepsal

    deepsal New Member

    hey can you do me a favour can you build me an ibanez ts9 qnd ts808 clone with enclosures i cant find any pedal builders in kol so if you are intrested maybe....we can strike a deal
    And can you post pics of your cab too i am intrested to see how rexine looks..please
    And btw i suppose jack plates casters handles and washers arent available in india too or i day
    i want to avoid importing stuff because my friend had to shell out 4k as duties for a 7k pickup all in all he paid 11k for 1 pup
  8. aryasridhar

    aryasridhar New Member

    I have built almost everything for the fuzz face, based on the arbiter schematic that i found off the net, I am unable to find the Germanium transistor though. that would really make it the real deal honestly, hope i can find it soon. and yes, like some of the ones here, i am still finding an enclosure, i thought of Aluminium, so i can really make it the way i want and it is easy to work with and is strong as well.
  9. deepsal

    deepsal New Member

    great did you built it on a breadboard or etched your own pcb
    btw mind posting some gutshots???
  10. deepsal

    deepsal New Member

    great did you built it on a breadboard or etched your own pcb
    btw mind posting some gutshots???
  11. shailm

    shailm New Member

    hmmmmm. i find myself worrying about these guys all the time.
  12. aryasridhar

    aryasridhar New Member

    Yeah, its a breadboard, I had ordered turret board and may get it soon, but the issue is the transistor, I may have to look for some alternatives. I can post the pics, would need some time tough for that. But let me warn you, the circuitry is a mess in its current state :)
  13. deepsal

    deepsal New Member

    all the breadboard circuits are a mess basically still...
    waiting for the pics :)
  14. Guitarist_DA

    Guitarist_DA New Member

    Let me know how it goes.
    212 or 412? with V30s?
    IIRC thats what you wanted earlier.
  15. deepsal

    deepsal New Member

    412's sound fuller than the 212 and 212 sound fuller than the 112

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