Does anyone have 'Yeh Wada Raha' guitar chords?

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  1. kk4266

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    Hi Everyone,

    Does anyone have the old hindi song 'Yeh Wada Raha' guitar chords. The song is great and i really wanna play it,

  2. rizaaj

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    hey ya, seems ure new here.. if so then welcome to IGT... and please mention some more details of your request ??? :)
  3. its already in forum
    look for it
  4. Bandbaaja

    Bandbaaja Pronounced Band Baaaa Ja

    Here it is (again for you)

    The original key is Fm which is too high to sing normally
    I have tabbed it in Em

    Mukhda (Tu Tu hai wohi)

    / Em / C / D / G /
    / Em / D / B / B /
    / E / E /

    CROSS (Mil jaaye is tarah)
    [ / Am / Am / G / E /] - (2)
    - / Em / Am / D / Em/

    The Remix version has the stupid line
    Yeh Waada Yeh Waada Yeh Waada the chords there are

    [/ C / C / Am / Am /] - (2)

    ANTRA (Main Awaaz Hoon To)
    / Em / G / Em / G /
    / Em / G / Em / G /
    Then repeat the CROSS part

    Padmanabhan (aka Poopsie)
  5. iprakash

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    Key confusion

    Dear Bandbaajaa, if this has been tabbed in the Key of Em, then why do we have chords B & E in this song? They don't exist in the Em key.
  6. Bandbaaja

    Bandbaaja Pronounced Band Baaaa Ja

    Ok there are various explanations to this:
    Firstly, there is no FIXED RULE in compositions so a composer can think of any melody and if it sounds cool he makes a composition out of it.
    So if a Song is in C, it does not mean that the chords in the song will be the standard C - Am - F - G pattern.

    Next there is a theory called as the CIRCLE OF FIFTHS (refer to this topic on the net)
    This cycle theory helps in 2 ways:
    1) Working on the Circle of 5ths you can compose songs consisting of ALL possible chords
    2) The cycle will tell u the way u can move from one chord to another

    More importantly and in context to this particular song...

    THE SONG initially starts in E minor, but the last line in the MUKHDA is
    "AB TO YEH JEENA TERE BIN HAI SAZAA" This is where RDB has tactfully done small changes to the melody...

    In the word JEE-NA the notes are Eb and B
    Eb is the natural 7th for E instead of the D note

    and in the word SAZAAA he has beautifully used the Ab note (the 3rd note in the E major scale) instead of the G note for the E minor scale
    hence the song goes from E minor to E major ONLY FOR THAT LINE :)

    Hope You got it!!!
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  7. iprakash

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    Thanks dude, you go to lengths explaining people like me. Really really appreciate. Reps to you.

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