Does anyone have an experience with running American Amplifier in India ?

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by Nik_Left_RG, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. Nik_Left_RG

    Nik_Left_RG New Member

    As the topic implies, I am looking for suggestions to run a US made amplifier in India.

    Amp's Rating = 110v/60hz . Fuse 1 A SLO BLO

    Any information is appreciated.
  2. lead_chirag

    lead_chirag New Member

    american amps have a different volt and amp configuration....U can't use them in India as India has different hertz and volts configuration....

    For using an american amp in India u've to buy a stepdown transformer of suitable range....u might have to change ur fuse too

  3. Nik_Left_RG

    Nik_Left_RG New Member

    Thank you Chirag. I do understand that I would probably need a step down transformer. But I was not aware that I would need to change the fuse. Why would you think that a fuse change is required when the transformer would be supplying the correct voltage and current? It looks like most folks from here have not tried it.
  4. lead_chirag

    lead_chirag New Member

    see nik changing the fuse is also essential I said US has higher volts and hz current compared to they have higher rating fuses too....more higher rated the fuse is,the more heating it causes.....n if by any case therz any short curcit dn ur amp may be permanently get damaged and worse it may catch fire and destroy all other amps,mics,guitar pickups etc connected to the same i advise u to change the fuse too....
    Whats the use of fuse if it doesn't go off during a short curcit.#if u knw wat i mean

  5. lead_chirag

    lead_chirag New Member

    nd btw electronic music items especially guitars,amps,mixers,footpedals and mics are delicate.....some more or less current would sink(damage) their ICs.....and they maybe gone forever..
  6. Nik_Left_RG

    Nik_Left_RG New Member

    I think you mean lower volts and higher hz.But Thanks for the info Chirag. Appreciate it. I guess I ll find out soon enough. I do have a couple of pedals which i got from US. They do run OK as long as the correct rating is sent to them. Just came to this forum to find if anyone had first hand experience.

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