does any1 intrested in joining my band

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  1. kumar9042

    kumar9042 New Member

    hai i would like guys out there to join my band..i just need 2 guitarist and 1 will be better if u'll can play eng song(band name:muse,linkin park,etc etc) and tml song...i had a band before this,but all of them are malays,here is the video on just type in 'apokebaik',
    you can also see my friendster profile (
    so if any1 intrested or any question you can reply me... <no joke>
  2. sriram.umashank

    sriram.umashank New Member


    Where r u from?
    I am from trichy(t.n)
  3. smartsharn

    smartsharn New Member

    i am guitarist.and i am intersted in joing your band,,,,,,,,,contact me at
  4. satan_4_infinit

    satan_4_infinit New Member

    whr r ya based out of bro
  5. kumar9042

    kumar9042 New Member

    i'm from malaysia la smartsharn...

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