Do want to set up radio station? Read this!

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    How easy is it to set up a community radio station? And what does it cost? These are questions that experts will give answers to at an exhibition being organised for radio buffs in New Delhi.

    Lamp radio, radio-in-a-box, discless recorder and a host of creatively designed rugged radio equipment suitable to Indian environment will be showcased at the exhibition organised by the UNESCO, in association with some NGOs.

    Live demonstration on 'how to set up community radio?' will be given by the experts in the fields at the show.

    An open forum on 'Community Radio: Innovation, Low Cost Solutions and Access' will also be in New Delhi where community radio experts, technicians from India and South Asia, broadcast professionals and radio enthusiasts from mainstream and community radio stations will air their views and share experience.
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    Hmm...nice info

    how cool it would be to have igt radio
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    not cool at all
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    Now you keep guessing why I LOLed

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