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  1. Ashyantony7

    Ashyantony7 Performer

    For the last couple of years, most of the songs in tamil are either techno/pop type or folk type. Good guitar songs are declining in numbers. I have lost interest in tamil songs.
  2. roentgen

    roentgen Member

    Couldn't agree more. Mediocre at best.
  3. ashok_15189

    ashok_15189 New Member

    Ashyantony, Now peoples moving fastly with world, some mixed/genres would peak depends upon the attractions, have you make any poll for your doubts?

    Wish you happy new year !!..

    Ashok Ravi.
  4. Guitarsen

    Guitarsen New Member

    Usual format (Pallavi - Interlude 1 - Saranam - Interlude 2 - Saranam - Pallavi) almost disappeared.
    Composers surviving with few catchy lines in a song, and build the rest to make it a complete song.


    1. Aarambam - Mudiyadhunnu Solla Mudiyathu My Baby ...
    2. Irandaam Ulagam - Naan ettu thikkum alaigiren nee illai endru povatha ...
    3. Endrendum Punnagai - Priya Oh Oh Priya Priya Ithayathil Athirvu Neeya ....

    People's taste gone down like anything like Soi Soi, Ootha coloru ribbon etc.
  5. ashok_15189

    ashok_15189 New Member

    Absolutely Right senthil ,

    Antony , How long will you taste with same traditional,why do you confuse yourself,adapt for future , be happy !!!
  6. vs.suresh

    vs.suresh New Member


    No Ashok... may be adaptation can be for the sake of others & cannot be with our own satisfaction...
  7. Annieston

    Annieston New Member

    Accepting new is good, but leaving the past behind is bad..
    Still so many old guitar songs feel lovely than other songs.,..
    Musicians became addicted to technology which made them LAZY- stated by IR...

    I am still a beginner, but i also see lack of guitar nowadays..
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  8. Ashyantony7

    Ashyantony7 Performer

    The song structure may be anything. Yes we have to move forward. Everything's fine. But the declining usage of instruments for composition and more on software synth tones, drum machines is what pissing me off. We need songs of all genres. I also like Club, Disco songs. I listen to Edward Maya, Accent etc. The thing is the number of good guitar songs in the last two years is too few. Its totally shadowed by electronic/folk songs. They call it trend. Instrumentalists are already being ignored. Here in TN, only singers are
    recognized by the general public. and the few instrumentalists recognized are some carnatic pundits. No much band music here in TN. People are just moving towards hip hop. Its fine but you cannot completely ignore instruments.
  9. allen sebastian

    allen sebastian reverbnation.com/nissi

    yes i completely agree with all your comments and i also got to tell this.. besides composers ignoring musicians and going fulto electronic this is what producers and directors ask for.. all they want is full kick n bass or thaara thappata same songs different lyrics.

    There's also another format all the recent composers are following is Template. they create their own signature or template and they apply for all their movies so i seriously get confused which movie's song is this one man? :p
  10. Guitarsen

    Guitarsen New Member

    It's not the thing happening only in TFM, it is happening universal everywhere. Anyone can do music nowadays, if they know how to use the software like garageband etc. Whoever can do catchy tunes will get their share of appreciation. It's cheap and fun.

    It would have been nice, if they separate the songs from the movies. Cut down the movie length to 1hr 45 min, who has the patience nowadays to sit and watch 2.5 hrs. Songs can be shot as music videos for marketing the movie. Tired of hero introduction songs, sentimental songs and kuthu songs .

    We don't need any branded MDs, couple of songs like aasai oru pulveli in each movie from any new MD will be good enough.

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