Dilko Tumse / Ondra Renda Strumming -.

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    Here is my strum pattern attempt for Ondra Renda. I did not use a pick for this. Jay's barre chord gives true tone than Open chords.

    Here is how I do

    hold Am and strike DOWN. slightly release left hand finger pressure to mute as you miss the strings during the UP stroke. (Pause) Repeat once more and add quick soft DOWN stroke in muted mode.

    Now change fingers to Dm. Do one UP and DOWN. Release left hand finger pressure and do quick UPDOWN. And then add pressure again and do UPDOWNUP

    Same pattern follows. I used J's chords, Thx J!




    E7(776707) TOUGH

    Post comments n corrections plz

    As J once said J's strumming style is easier when you sing along.


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