Dil tujhpe aa gaya : Dil hai ki maanta nahi ( Piano Indian Notation )

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    Movie - Dil hai ki maanta nahi
    Music - Nadeem Shravan
    Scale - A#m ( Bb m )

    Please Note : s , r , g , m etc. shows Sa , Re , Ga , Ma of middle octave
    while S , R , G , M etc. shows notes of higher octave.

    Please also nota that R1 , G1 , D1 , N1 shows notes ( keys ) that is present
    left of R , G , D , N .

    Dil tujhpe aa gaya......................dil tujhpe aa gaya
    S__RG1R_S__RS___n1 d1 n1____S_RG1R_S__RS

    Kya nasha chaa gaya ae hey hey

    Mera dil meri jaan mera chhain meri aarzoo

    n1 n1__S__SRS______n1n1___S

    STANZA :-

    Jab se tujhko dekhka hai dil hai bekaraar
    Sn_S__RR___RG1___R__Sn_S__R R R

    Tu kya jaane tujhse kitna karta hoon main pyar
    G1_R___SS___RS__n n__d1d1p_d1__p____p

    Fasaane ulfat ke tujhe suna doonga
    m r m__pd1_d1_m r__m p__p p

    Jo mere dil mein hai tujhe bata doonga
    m_r m__p_d1S__d1_m r__m p__p p

    Jo mere dil mein hai tujhe bata doonga
    G1_RS__n1_R___R__G1R_Sn1__S S

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