Dil ne jise apna kaha

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  1. shahmyel

    shahmyel GuRu DaDa

    I want tabs for dill ne jise apna kaha title song.... :rule:
  2. sahil_best

    sahil_best New Member

    heres a little bit ::

    ---9--9--7-9----7--9---7(hold for long time)---4/7----on the last string
    Dil ne ji se a p na ka /ha

    hope u understand it. Its on last string . Im not sure if its called the last or the first.
    ------------------- <-------THIS ONE
    Sorry its all I can make out..... btw what is "thief" ? to steal points?¿ how does it work? Thanks in advance!
  3. shahmyel

    shahmyel GuRu DaDa

    great tab..it is cool still not good because it is very little plz post a bit more of this songs tab...
    stealing points is for example u can steal my points or any members points by giving ur double points..

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