Dil Mera Churaya kyun ( Akele hum Akele tum)

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  1. RBJ

    RBJ New Member

    Hey guys,
    here are the tabs for "Why did you break my heart...why did you fall in love..why did you go away"

    Its in lil lower pitch as I have small learning guitar. you can use the same patern for upper pitch.

    I m attaching the txt file ...as I m not confortable with typing tabs in this textbox.


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  2. anuvrat

    anuvrat New Member

    gr8 work man...can u also post in the interludes and the chords....coz this song wud sound gr8
  3. victor_b

    victor_b New Member

    can any1 plz get me the full tab for Dil Mera Churaya kyun ( Akele hum Akele tum), if possible plz mail it to catchviku@gmail.com. i'm new here, please help me out...

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