Dil Leke (Wanted) Guitar Solo Tabs

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  1. mr.sulahria

    mr.sulahria New Member

    HEllo Guys
    I just find out the tabs for this song..i loved it very much..I am posting it here so that you can suggest me about my work..
    And yeah..If you don't find my tabs good..then i am sorry because i am not an expert...
    But as far as i think i tried my best..
    so here it is:

    Please comment and suggest me:



    Dil Le ke dard-e dil de gaye

    Tum jaan jaan keh k meri jaan la gaye

    Same for
    hamse humari pehchan le gaye
    tum jan jan keh kay meri jan le gaye
  2. abkinz

    abkinz New Member

    Hi Raja
    I will surely try these tabs and let you know if there can be any improvement. Thanks for posting.


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