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    Hello everyone

    I am rahul . I like to thank everyone who watched the Neele Neele amber video and appricated. It has been around 5 months since I started learnng Guitar I know most of the chords and their sequence and finding their related minors but still i am not able to figure out the chords for the songs suggest me how can I improve and overcome this. I know all of my seniors IGTians will guide me .

    Thanks and regards

  2. vini

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    u mean..u want to be able to figure out the chords by listening to a song?
    learn scales! search beginner's Q&A, for this topic...u'll find lots of info
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    Rahul the Neele Neele video was great and helpful! I hope more ppl will try to record and post such vids. thx again for sharing.

    Good to know u learned so much in just 5 months. I am not sure if theory alone helps cracking chords of songs. imho Bandbaaja/Jay post most accurate chords here. I understand a lot of members know scales and theory. Just play bandbaaja's chords for the song Kisiki muskurahaton pe ho nisaar and also try chords or tabs others did on same song. You might want to crack chords of that song yourself before checking others postings.

    And don't miss all great lessons by bandbaaja. One comes with that song (btw http://www.indianguitartabs.com/showthread.php?p=46136#post46136 that will be good one for you since you know most chords) where bandbaaja and J also explains they did not have even formal training :-O chk all threads on that song. rgds happy guitaring to u.
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    Can u tell me while playing scales what are the important things which I should observe. Is it the speed at which I should play or or should concentrate more on the sound.
    Thanking in advance

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