Difference between amp and processor?

Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by Fardeen_14, Nov 8, 2008.

  1. Fardeen_14

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    Hey guys, just wanted to get a brief description of the functions of an amp and a processor and how they differ from each other. I've been playing an acoustic guitar (an SX Jumbo) for around six months and am looking to buy an electric guitar and set-up on a budget. Just something that will serve me well for six months to an year (till I upgrade to a much better one - all depends on my GCSE results, so pray for me guys :D) and then give good service as a practice guitar.

    Everything in the setup is gonna be second-hand thanks to the shoestring budget (it's all coming from my savings, and that ain't much :(), but they are in pretty good condition and I'm getting them real cheap too. Getting a Givson Panther for 2850 Rs., an Ibanez GTA10 ten watt practice amp for 1800 Rs. and a processor for somewhere between 2100-3200 Rs. (depends on which one I go for). Which one amongst the two (an amp and a processor) is more important for an electic guitar player? I'd be really, really grateful if someone could let me know pronto. Also, the Panther guy is saying that the strings need to be changed for the guitar to sound good- just how much should I read into this? Does a change of strings really affect sound that much? Please please help me out on this one guys. :)

    Btw, I'm not sure about the prices since I'm Bangladeshi and hence had to convert them from taka to rupees (ratio- 1:1.4).
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    ^^^ An amp is a speaker-like device with built-in controls(which help amplifying the sound, thus the name) from which the sound of your electric guitar comes out (if you plug it in and switch it on). A processor, as the name suggests, just processes the sound thus bringing effects like distortion, wah, pitch bending, harmonies etc.

    So buying just a processor means that you should already have something that can be used as an amp (like a music system/computer with good speakers).

    you can also buy an amp which has built-in distortion/OD, if you are not much into exploring effects.
  3. Fardeen_14

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    Ohhh, I see. Well, I always did think that an amp is just a loud speaker specializing for guitars, but got confused after reading in some reviews that X amp has good distortion or Y amp has good overdrive etc. This clears it up a lot.

    Thanx a lot ak. I really appreciate your help. Rep for you :)
  4. ak&guitar

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    You are welcome buddy. Thanks for the reps.
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    ^ so you still give hoots about reps?
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    ofcourse he does.......who on IGT was nt a Rep Whore wen he first joined????? u were too mate...xcept ofcourse Augur, he trashed his rep wid da first post he made.........
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    looks like you're in love angel.....
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    I wonder what my first post was. Hmmm.

    I can only see my posts' upto 26th June.
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    OK guys, I think we're getting too off topic over here. While I do agree that the rep system is nothing but a popularity contest, it is a good way to thank someone for something helpful, as long as the guy doesn't beg for it- that's a different matter altogether.

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