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    ...Dave Mustine met David Ellefson when Ellefson was playing his bass at early in the morning and Mustaine had a terrible hangover, and Ellefson was playing the bass line to Van Halen's "Runnin' with the Devil," so Dave took a flower pot and dropped it on Ellefson's air-conditioner (Mustaine lived in the apartment above Ellefson), and yelled out at the top of his lungs for Ellefson to shut up. Then a few moments later Ellefson knocked on his door and asked Mustaine if he knew where to get any cigarettes, and Mustaine said "Yeah, down the street at the liquor store" and slammed the door in Ellefson's face. Ellefson knocked on the door again and asked Mustaine if he was old enough to buy beer, and Mustaine said "Now you talkin'". So they went and picked up a case of Heineken and that's how David Ellefson got in the band.

    ...Dave Mustaine is of French origin and David Ellefson is of Scandinavian origin.

    ...Dave Mustaine's parents were Jehova Witnesses.

    ...Nick Menza's father, Don Menza, played the saxophone part in the movie "The Pink Panther".

    ...Nick Menza was born in Munich, Germany.

    ...at the beginning Dave Mustaine wanted Diamond Head's singer Sean Harris to become Megadeth vocalist.

    ...Kerry King of Slayer was not in the band at the beginning, he just agreed to help out Dave when Mustaine got a few shows booked.

    ...the original Megadeth second guitarist was Greg Handevidt, who was high school friend of David Ellefson. Greg Handevidt was in Megadeth in March '84 for a few weeks - he later returned to Minnesota and formed Kublai Khan.

    ...when Marty Friedman was auditioned to join Megadeth, he studied the songs from their first three albums, and nothing from the new stuff because they were afraid that if he didnt't make it, he would steal all their ideas.

    ...Dave Mustaine asked Chris Poland to rejoin Megadeth when Rust in Peace was recorded but Chris declined because of his solo album and because of the fact that the music was already written so Chris really didn't get a chance to put in ideas.

    ...Chris Poland and Gar Samuelson played in a jazz-rock band New Yorkers, before they joined Megadeth.

    ...before joining Megadeth Jimmy DeGrasso already worked with Dave Mustaine on his side project, MD.45 The Craving.

    ...Dave Mustaine dedicated the last song they played at Woodstock '99 to Gar Samuelson, who had died 11 days earlier.

    ...woman and child that appear in "A Tout Le Monde" video are Dave's wife Pam and his son Justis.
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    lol its even confirmed as a fact that long time ago Nevermore's guitarist, Jeff Loomis, tried out as a lead guitarist when jeff young left the band.
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    Speaking of Jeff Lomis, as you all might have already heard, Megadeth are gonna kick off their Gigantour soon and Nevermore are gonna be one of the supporting acts. Dave mustaine met up with him recently and asked him to teach him a few licks and tricks. Jeff thought Dave was playing around in the beggining, but then he realised he was not. Supposedly, Dave wants to expand his lead playing knowledge.
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    hey its all funny coz Dave used to be the lead for Metallica ... (b4 any of their studio release)
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    good info nanda ... repped u for that
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    nice info ..........
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    nice info nanda !!!
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    nice info ma man
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    yeah.. you got it off that rock metal art website didnt you. its the second site on a google site for megadeth.

    pretty original heh
    and people are impressed by this!
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    Wow. from where you collected this information
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    @artmyxo...wht the fks ur prob??, id rather have read it now than search google.
    if u can , post something useful else shut the fk up

    nice info nanda
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    very nice info, reps for you!
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    yeah i could just rip off some info from a random site and post it here, is that what your asking for ?

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