Dhusor Somoy Intro

Discussion in 'Bengali Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by shourov, Jun 27, 2006.

  1. shourov

    shourov New Member

    Hey... I just heard and acoustic version of Dhushor Somoy, it sounds pridy kool..
    I was trying to work on the intro and came up with sumthin like...


    so, am I on the right track?
    anyways.. help me out.. thx

    ps: can any1 temme wher I can download the original song frm?.. oh btw.. I remember sum1 posting the links.. I tried em but the links dunt work *confused*..
  2. shourjya

    shourjya New Member

    hi ,....am pretty new to the guitar playing thing..though i have been an avid listener for long...thing is i cant read the music given on the net..just like the way you have posted it...can you help me out...i kinda need help.. [[DAMN YOU, SNIPPPP] be eagerly waiting for a reply
  3. shourov

    shourov New Member

    hey! these form of presentations are called Tabs.. u L find articels in this website on how to read tabs.. but I will help anyways..
  4. Boundule

    Boundule New Member

    i'm not sure eto niche hobe ki na....
    try kore i'll let u kno!!!
  5. shourov

    shourov New Member

    ... True.. etto niche howar kotha na.. Am diyeai shuru kora jai but.. amar Guitar er ekta string chire gasssse.. thats y I cudn try with Am... anyways! kau ki artcell shune na? kono response nai keno?

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