Dhanaulti Rock Festival 2005

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  1. rammy

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    Hey Ppll,
    There is this Dhanaulti Rock festival In Dhanaulti (a small but beautiful mountain town 28km from Mussouri, in Uttaranchal) from nov 4-6, many gr8 bands of India will be playing over there like
    level 9
    grungy morphins - Dark/Black metal from Darjeeling, India.
    Survanaasham - Blackmetal from Dehra Dun, India
    still waters (Gangtok)
    Aliens (Andra Pradesh)
    Silver Rain (Mussoorie)
    Murad Ali ( Sufi poetic recital)

    for more info log onto : www.andijis.com or contact Andy on 01376226262, 9897701540, or Ajay, on 09219846564 or dhanaultirocks@hotmail.com

    Lets support ROCK and Try to be there in large numbers

    Requesting the administrators to make this tab sticky so more and more ppl can know bout it Thanxs.....

    -----------------------------------------------Rock on------------------------------------------------
  2. the_wizard

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    Nice to know that man...all the best with the event

    i hope i cud be there...:(

    anyway ur email add is goin to get snipped...i hope if anyone needs info they will contact u by PMs

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