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    We're two little dewdrops on a tree,
    deep in the cushion of serenity.
    Floating in the deep chilly void
    of nature.

    We fight between the shades of gray,
    running through the night and day.
    From the clear shining lake at the break of dawn,
    we rise and to the wind we pray;
    To carry us together onto one little frond,
    two tiny specks tossed into the fray.

    We're two little dewdrops in the woods,
    dancing in the wind for eternity;
    like flowing velvet, smooth as sand,
    wish I could hold you in my hand.

    The sunshine will keep us in the air,
    through the woods, for a morning allure.
    And a bright aurous ray falling through,
    shines so bright upon your face;
    and I close my eyes, wishing upon you,
    you're my prayer, my morning grace.

    We're two little dewdrops in the morning,
    we're the gentle amorous breeze at noon.
    We keep the stars from shining at night,
    a gray little blanket on the moon.
  2. wow ..looks like bear grylls got into deep dense rain forest and found 2 little drops on a dark green leaf ...:)
  3. horsesmouth

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    Ahaha...something like that...spent a long weekend in the valleys..

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