develop my strumming hand for the song" Roobaroo -RDB".

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  1. Slash_GNR

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    Hi all the members of guitar tabs,
    M new user here and I need ur help to develope my strumming hand for the song" Roobaroo -RDB".I think chords are A major and D but i cnt strumm on it,Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help.
  2. BadBoyBedi

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    hi slash, welcme to IGT.. the request u've put up is already been submitted a plethora times.. anyways i wuld like to share d best of them... remember its not my work.. sm great dude holds d credits for it..... first go through d pdf file n try to strum it slowly remembering those ups n downs.. then listen to the midi file ... u can play it first at half d narmal speed for getting the hang of it .. then gradually go on increasing it till d normal speed..... don worry if it doesnt sound gud in beggining.. have patience.. n keep trying..


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  3. always_guitar

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    DUDE tell us how to read it..........................
  4. @ditya

    @ditya New Member

    even i'd love to be able to read it. Can anyone here simplify it into up and down...
  5. BadBoyBedi

    BadBoyBedi New Member

    ok, its pretty simple

    look at d row with "TAB" wriiten on it, forget d upper one with sm "& ##" signs ,
    now d six lines represent d six strings of ur guitar; the topmost one in d chart being d higher E(the thinnest string) n d bottom most one is d lower E(the thickest string)... now if u look just above the "&" sign, u would see the name of the chord written there its "A" in first bar(a bar ends when u hv a vertical line crossing all the six lines on chart), so hold dat particular chord on guitar according to what is shown on d very top of chart, n strum it , the up arrow means a downstroke n down arrow means upstroke...

    hope it helps, if not, go for a lesson on "how to read a guitar TABlature", u can find easily on net, perhaps here too at IGT..

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