Der Lagi Lekin - Zindagi Mile Na Dobara Chords Please

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  1. Euclidean Space

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    Please submit guitar tabs of "Der Lagi Lekin" - Zindagi Mile Na Dobara.
  2. shamiknav

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    try this if you're desperate

    Working on it, pretty close i think.

    Intro: D D5 D D5 ... Here D5 == the D chord where you play E(high E string open) instead of F#(high E string 2nd fret)

    D D5 or A
    Der lagi lekin
    Maine ab hai
    Jeena seekh liya

    Ab Maine....
    Yeh jaana hai
    Khushi hai kya
    Gum kya..
    Dono hi
    Do pal ki hai rutein
    Bm D A G
    Na yeh there na rukein
    Bm A
    Zindagi do rangon se bane
    Bm D A G
    Ab roothe ab mane
    Yeh hi toh hai
    Yeh hi toh hai
  3. vinusv

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    I "tried" to sing and play the song here: Der Lagi Lekin - ZNMD - Pilot - YouTube

    The video ends abruptly :p

    Actually, the chords are slightly different from what has been posted here. Follows on the same chord progression parts as another song I love (Green Day's Good Riddance)...
    Here is what I think sounds closer to the original. Please correct the incorrect bits :)

    The Strumming Pattern on this song felt like a slight variation of the "Soul" Rhythm. It is like playing "Soul" without the tapping. Obviously, while playing it the way I did, I messed up the rhythm and the bars at many points.

    G* : 320033
    A : 002220
    D : 000232
    D5 : 000230
    Em7 : 022033
    A7sus4 : 002233

    Intro Arpeggios/Strumming: [D] [D5] x2

    [D]Der lagi [D5]lekin
    [G]Maine ab hai jeena [A] seekh liya
    [D]Jaise bhi ho [D5]din
    [G]Maine ab hai [A]jeena seekh liya[D][D5]
    [G]Ab maine
    [A]Yeh jaana hai, [G]khushi hai [A]kya, gham kya[D][D5]

    [G]Dono hi, do pal ki hai ruttein[Em7]
    Na yeh thehre na ruke[A7sus4][Asus][A]
    [G]Zindagi do rangon se bane[Em7]
    Ab roothe, ab maane[A7sus4][Asus][A]
    [D]Yehi toh hai, yehi toh hai, yahaan


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