Delhi Belly - Bhaag DK Bose

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    Hi Friends,

    I found some good tabs for Bhaag DK Bose.

    (Bm)Daddy mujhse (D)bola, Tu (A)galti hai me-(Bm)ri
    (Bm)Tujhpe Zinda-(D)gani (A)guilty hai me-(Bm)ri
    (D)Saabun ki Sha-(Em)qal mein, (G)beta tu toh nikla keval (F#m)jhaag
    (F#m)Jhaag jhaag...
    Bhaag >>>

    The complete tabs can be found here

    DK Bose
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    You could have simply copy pasted it here instead of trying to get more people onto your website.
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