Dekha hai aise bhi - lucky ali cover

Discussion in 'IGT Soundtrack - Your Band, Your Gig, Your Music' started by peaceful_words, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. peaceful_words

    peaceful_words New Member

    hello all, this is my first try at this song..thought i would record and get some feedback from you guyz..let me know honestly what do you think and where the improvements are needed...thanx
  2. parry

    parry Sing ing Sing

    well the sound of the guitar is too loud than ur vocals. i do think u were singing good but u shud take extra care in getting both the guitar and the vocals sorted out.
    if u hav a good voice that shud be dominated..and the guitar is there only as a support. how did u took the video? mobile or cam? upload some more videos for us.
    keep the work coming
  3. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist

    this is one of ma all time favs...... well, from what little i could make out from your voice, it seems to be an excellent voice...... just tune up the voice and re-post plz......... a detailed feedback is in order i think

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