Decibel - Naagin (the Lady Cobra) Tabs

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    Hi Guys,

    In past 6 years (since the song was made) we have received countless emails & messages regarding Naagin The Lady Cobra Tabs. We wanted it to be free but with our Debut album along with other Guitar Tabs of our songs. But sadly we are no longer active. So to complete the promise We are releasing the tab for you all.

    This is an Original Tab as played when it was made. It is 97% similar to the song on record.
    Decibel - Naagin (The Lady Cobra).gp5 - - online file sharing and storage - download

    Important: In case you want to pass on the Tab link to other people, kindly use this link and please do not upload it on any other site without our permission, this is a humble request.

    Thanks for liking our band ! :)
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    Wrong Forum mate..

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