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    Death Metal - Black Metal

    The Norwegian group Mayhem, which was formed in 1984, is considered the father of Black Metal in Europe. The founder of Mayhem, Oystein Aarseth (1967-1993) (who originally called himself "Destructor" but changed later to "Euronymous," allegedly meaning "the prince of death"), was stabbed to death in 1993. He was murdered by another Death Metal rocker, Varg Vikernes, of the group Burzum. Aarseth was 26 years old. Other band members were called "Necro Butcher," "Dead," and "Hellhammer." One of the trademarks of Mayhem and other Norwegian Black Metal groups is the wearing of "corpsepaint," which is black and white makeup designed to create a morbid appearance. Aarseth operated an occultic bookstore/record shop in Oslo that was very influential upon young people. It was called "Helvete," which is the Norse word for Hell. The vocalist for Mayhem, Per Yngve Ohlin (whose alias was "Dead"), blew his brains out (literally) in April 1991 with a shotgun. His body was found by Oystein Aarseth. Before the police arrived, Aarseth took pictures of Ohlin’s shattered body and collected pieces of his brain and skull. Describing the death of his fellow band member, Aarseth replied with complete lack of concern, "Yeah, Dead killed himself." Aarseth made necklaces with the skull pieces and cooked some of the brain and "ate it so he could claim himself to be a cannibal" (Michael Moynihan, Lords of Chaos, p. 59). Ohlin had once stabbed Aarseth with a knife. Ohlin also hated cats and tried to cut them with knives. Ohlin, who saw himself "as a creature from another world," had an obsession with snuff films that depict real deaths by horrible torture.

    Death Metal in Scandinavia has been connected with the burning of many churches. Since 1992 there have been at least 45 to 60 church fires, near-fires, and attempted arson attacks in Norway alone. Roughly a third have a documented connection to the Black Metal scene (Lords of Chaos, p. 79). In every case that has been solved, the Kripos (Norwegian national investigation department) found that the arsonists were Black Metal "Satanists." A fire fighter was killed while battling one of the blazes. Black Metal rocker Varg Vikernes (1973- ), who is strongly suspected of setting the first fire in 1992, of an ancient church building in Fantoft, Norway, is in prison for 21 years for the murder of Oystein Aarseth and for setting other church fires. There were roughly a dozen church fires in Germany from late 1993 to early 1997. Most have a proven link to Black Metal and Satanism.
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    i dont understand sth

    u r a mod(forum leader) n u r asking mods to delete it if inappropriate??
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    Nopes just wanted to know wht opinion ppl wud give regarding these jerks !!!! I belive the old satanism but this is crazy .......
    Alister Crowley was great these guys are ruining his name ! (This is my opinion of Alister ... )
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    Mr. Crowley, what went on in your head
    Mr. Crowley, did you talk with the dead
    Your life style to me seemed so tragic
    With the thrill of it all
    You fooled all the people with magic
    You waited on Satan's call
    Mr. Charming, did you think you were pure
    Mr. Alarming, in nocturnal rapport
    Uncovering things that were sacred manifest on this Earth
    Conceived in the eye of a secret
    And they scattered the afterbirth
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    This satanism is not the same as Crowleys satanism. The National Socialist movement in Scandivania spawned Euronymous, Burzum et al's church-burning, murder etc etc. What this theory says is that the natural religion of the Nordic people is Odinism and that Christianity was imposed on them..and therefore it is ok to burn and kill everyone else:). Crowleys philospohy is based purely on evil being as acceptable a system of being as good.
    Both are quite childish and underdeveloped shock-philosophies IMHO.
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    off topic ..but when did Nanda become a Mod ??
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    ^ EXplain all that to Jamhead.
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    He didn't.
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    there was a thread that linked u too the bbc site
    there was an article related to Satanism And How black metal promted it>>>>

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    :RollLol: Dude, honestly.....since when did death metal be the cause for churchburning? You know the difference between black and death right?
    NO. He's going to be out by 2006/07 ...
    Please change the title to black metal. Chuck Schuldiner never had any of these "childish and underdeveloped" (well said :)) philosophies in his head....
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    m_waleed86 KhaMosh GhuStAk they should be killed
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    and i thought i was weird and twisted in the head to mix curd and chicken hakka noodles for my dinner.
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    Now thats Trve Kvlt. Qua medicamenta non sanant, ignis sanat!
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    in english pleej.

    nyaninda prem tillu.
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    Dude ... I personally dont know any of these guys ... Nor i have had a drink with them .. these are compiled facts ... So i dont want to change anything ...
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    wt bout deicide....their lyrics reflect satanism and stuff....still they are considered as death metal and not black???????
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    Thats because musically they are very 'death'.
    Black metal originally happened as a very localised phenomenon, even though now the musical style is used in a lot of places. There's a good wikipedia article on it.

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