deal about GMadd9 etc.....

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    hi folks ....

    could somebody explain to me the fundas of GMadd9 FM7 etc....

    i mean what do add9,Major7(for eg) indicate?

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    As you probably know, the major chord is made up of the 1st,3rd and the 5th note of the corresponding major scale.

    To make a major 7th chord, add the major seventh note of the scale to the chord.

    G major 7th would be G,B,D and F# since F# is the seventh note of the major scale.

    For a minor 7th chord, add the minor seventh note to the minor chord of the same scale.

    eg- G min7th would be G,Bb,D,F

    add9th means that you add the 9th note of the scale to the chord. For G add9th-

    The notes would be G,B,D,A.

    A is the 9th note because if you write the major scale, you shall find that the first 7 notes repeat themselves again and again at higher octaves. For a 2 ovtave G major scale, the notes are:

    G A B C D E F# G A B C D E F# G

    Count to the ninth is the same as the second note, only one octave higher.

    The difference between a major ninth chord and an add9th chord is that in the major 9th chord, you will be playing 5 notes : 1st, 3rd, 5th, major 7th and 9th note of the scale

    In the add 9th chord, you'll just add the 9th note to the major chord so no major 7th will be played.

    Just extend this theory a little bit and you'll be able to figure out the notes to any chord.

    You asked for GMadd9th: The notes will be G B D A. If you do not play the B note, the same chord becomes a G sus2. A sus chord is one which replaces the 3rd note with the second or the 4th note of the scale.
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    care to elaborate about the major scale...tried to look up on the net...with less than satisfying results :D


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