Dard E Dil Tabs (Karz)

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  1. Shashank007

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    Hello everyone, I Wanted tabs for this song from long time. Then I decided why not Try it out by my own. By wasting some time I Came up with this. To my ears It seems right . Just get the timing right.

    E --------------------------------9-7-----
    B 10-8-7--10-8-7-----7-9-10---10-9
    G ------------------9--9------------------
    Dard E dil, Dard E Jigar, Dil Me Basaya apane(Repeat This)

    E ----------10-9-7-----------9-7------
    B 9-7--10-----------7-9-10-----10-9
    G ----9-------------9-------------------
    Pahele To Me Shayar Tha, Ashique Banaya Ya Apane

    Get the Timing Right!

  2. 6string_addict

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    tht's nice...sounds good...
  3. Shashank007

    Shashank007 Extremist

    Thanks 6String_addict. I Want more replies so That I could know that I was successful or not.
    Any Corrections would be appriciated.
  4. ankur001

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    i doesnt seems good..............
  5. sharma gopal r

    sharma gopal r New Member

    hi its gopal

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