Daniel Bedingfield - Biography

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    Daniel Bedingfield - Biography

    The 22 year old Bedingfield, Born in New Zealand grew up in South East London, educated at home by his parents, taking his first musical steps aged nine with sisters Natasha and Nicola in progressive R&B group The DNA Algorithm before graduating on to garage. 'I took a break from the band and thought I'd mess around with garage,' he explains. Since then Bedingfield has not looked back, an exceptional rise considering his cottage industry ethics.

    recorded the majority of his debut album, Gotta Get Thru This, in his bedroom – with the help of one computer and one microphone. “I did most of the recording alone in my bedroom and then tweaked it in the studio,” he says. “Seriously, I recorded half of that album in my underpants.” Creating the album was a painstaking process, but he wouldn’t have it any other way. “It’s very exhausting to do it all,” Bedingfield admits. “I just gotta do everything – from songwriting, to the recording, to playing most of the instruments and designing the videos. It just makes the most sense for me to do it, as the vision is continually unfolding in my mind.

    Despite his youthful years Bedingfield is determined and has filled that bedroom with some interesting influences. Sting, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson all crop up, as does that of a great songwriter not usually cited by garage practitioners. 'Lyrically Bob Dylan moves your soul,' explains Bedingfield, 'with a few words he can express extraordinary concepts.' However for Bedingfield an influence is not simply about sonic syndication, rather inspiration is drawn on a philosophical level. 'The Chinese have a saying,' Bedingfield begins, 'rather than emulate the masters you should pursue the same goals they pursue. That's what I'm trying to do, find out what they were going for then go for the same things.'

    'I create music from any kind of extreme emotion, that's where my creativity is done. The music I make has to have a really powerful conviction, I can't sing anything I don't feel strongly about,' he says. 'Music is often the only way you can get your feelings down, I really enjoy doing that. I feel Gotta Get Thru This says exactly what I wanted it to say with a few words and I'd love to do that again.'

    It looks like this youngster is all set to go places.

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