Dahek - Sawan Barse

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  1. awmurshedkar

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    the file is attached. i saw there was a very small movement of chord which was not there in the actual file. so i changed it again and i guess now the problem should be solved. this file is also avalible in someone else's original post of Sawan Barse

    will also be posting Papa Kehte Hai soon which sounds bind-boggling with the strumming pattern, if played correctly i.e

    hope you'll like this

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  2. sixstringsin

    sixstringsin ||||||

    ummm doesnt sound fine to me. subhros' chords posted on he site seem really accurate. urz are transposed one whole step. are u using standard tuning?
  3. awmurshedkar

    awmurshedkar New Member

    note original tuning

    this is might not be at the same tuning as the original song. but i can tell you that they arent really off beat. as i played it for a few people and they liked it. it is actually at a higher note but dont use the pick
  4. sixstringsin

    sixstringsin ||||||

    ^hey awm@ .. although i sounded but i really did not mean to say ur chords are offbeat at all. That was just my individual opinion that i prefer singing it at F instead of G -- or so to say * I * have a problem not being able to sing it at G? ;)
  5. awmurshedkar

    awmurshedkar New Member

    oh, alright, my fault your mistake .. guess misunderstood u sixstring :) . i actually had a problem singing to sub's chord's. . so thought i would try and figureout something that suits my voice best. don't know if the chords are really accurate, but they sound close..
    you know lot of songs out here are posted with way different notes.. i noticed Papa Kehte Hai is the F note, which i guess is the original but i play the G-Em-C-D. The chord transition is easier and the strumming pattern fits perfectly, i was gonna post it but then since nobody really needs it, y waste time. also, i was having a nice laugh when i saw people debating or actually, quarreling you could say over the right chords of Dooba Dooba .. newaz.. nice talking .. n thnx
  6. tabz_sang

    tabz_sang New Member

    Man u Rock

    Man AwMurshedkar Really Good Chords, dey work with my elektronic guitar too........really good work.........keep it up
  7. tabz_sang

    tabz_sang New Member

    Works on Acoustic too

    I also hav a Hobner.........i tried your chords on the hobner...........its works on dat too.........cool keep it up

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