:D okay calling in for all Musicians and rockstars of karachi

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    If u guys did notice , i had a topic in here before that was kinda sucessful as me and some friends from here did actually meet up and went on to create some amzing music, however due to some reasons we had to split up but i think its time to move on and this is where i am calling in PPL who Enjoy playing music as much as i do to come together for a jam session or if successful jam sessions or a BAND formation but keep one thing in mind :) nobody will judge u in what u play all i want to do is enjoy playin music and im lookin for people who r looking for the same :D:D:D

    other then that Jam sessions can take placxe at my house that aint a problem and Holla me at 0312 255 1357 and if for some reason i do not pick up the damn phone text me and let me know whats up and ill text back :D

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