Custom Telecaster with Stratocaster headstock

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    Kononykheen Telecaster. New, unused. In factory package.

    body: basswood
    body top laminate: flame maple
    neck: maple
    fingerboard: maple

    Video is "what camera hears", without any sound mastering, to hear true sound of guitars. This guitar sounds with less "glass" than usual teles, and with more surf-rock warm mids - the effect of basswood.


    Will ship anywhere for free! (we are situated in Vladivostok, Russia)
    Also can make REALLY affordable custom guitar or bass according to your specs at

    DSC_2009 - копиÑ.jpg DSC_2007 - копиÑ.jpg DSC_2018 - копиÑ.jpg example2.jpg modellist.JPG

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