Custom Made Bass Guitar Specs !!!

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by FM King, Mar 22, 2008.

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    Custom Made Bass Guitar Specs
    I am getting a Custom Made Guitar from Brazanga for a beginner with a budget of 7.5k what Specs should I recommend ???
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    look for pick-ups, at least one should be a humbucker (double coiled), and if all are than it's too good, look for wood (knock your finger on different points to see the change in sond and if you feel weakeness in any part press it hard enogh to see that the part is tight or loose or it is "hollow wood of no use"),
    and finally the frets should look new and raised, not used and low due to over use most customs are second hands!!!
  4. alpha1

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    First of all get a snazzy shape.
    Second - wood
    Third - frets
    Fourth - pickups
    Fifth - well I dont know much about Bass - but I guess the pots rating used in volume and tone knob do affect the tone in guitars
    Sixth - umm... I think the length of the neck? GUitars come in various lengths of neck - based on finger comfort and how many frets you want. Basses might be having similar thingie.
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    May i say FM King that u should be asking for good wood first plus good pickups too. Frets and controls will fall in place. The Tone is from ur Fingers First and later from the Guitar/Bass. So get ur wood right...get the pickups right first. Get A natural wood finish so u can see what wood he uses....dont go for a metallic finish....coz u mit end up with flaking paint coz of the humidity changes and all....ask for an adjustable truss rod with stainless steel adjusting end so that there is no rust anytime...and the adjustment is easy no matter what the weather......
    Thats all mate....!! Check out my orkut abum fo pics of some instruments i've made.... :)

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