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    I am looking for an h-s-s strat knock-off. I went to Braganza music stores at Kolkata, and told them the same. They gave me so many options that i got confused. Can someone please post the specifications that will be the best.

    Also they said something about imported Korean pups; no clue as how they will sound. Should i opt for em? They said they'll charge 2000 bucks for each pup.

    I was also considering the ARIA 714 and the ARIA stg 006 electric models. Bharat Music House at Delhi is charging 9,200 for the entire package of ARIA 714.

    I am totally confused, what to do. I am a intermediate level acoustic player. Have been playing acoustic for 2 years, and know a lil about electrics, but when it comes to custom's i am not experienced to judge the best. And this will be my first electric.

    My budget is 10K for the guitar.

    Please help.

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