custom duty on pickups

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by nilu_nirvana, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. nilu_nirvana

    nilu_nirvana New Member

    guys, i'm planning to get seymour duncans and an EMG H4 from the UK through relatives...
    wanted to know whether any customs duties are applicable on these.
    any info would be useful..
    many thanx
  2. getshorty80

    getshorty80 New Member

    no dude dont worry i brought my guitar from the UK when i came back 3 months ago. Dont worry,if at all they are there at customs then ask ur people to say that its for them. no custom problem at all dude, i have carried my guitar 2 and fro.
  3. nilu_nirvana

    nilu_nirvana New Member

    thanx a ton dude
  4. MimoBass

    MimoBass New Member

    Importing Guitars

    How much Duty if at all do the airport people charge if i buy a bass guitar from abroad. I am ordering it, no one is getting it for me. it costs around 500$. Please let me know at the earliest.

    Lots of Regards

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