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  1. Crazy_Engineer

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    Name:- Crazy Engineer

    Occupation:- Hard(ly) Working Software Engineer

    Cell Phone:- MotoRazr V3

    Can Drive Car: Yes

    Addictions :

    * Smoke : No
    * Alcohol : No
    * Caffeine : Yes (my caffeine system has some blood too)

    Contact:- Use telepathy.

    Hobbies:- Guitaring, Singing, Motorcycles, Sports Cars, Traveling, Reading, blogging & changing the world :mrgreen:

    Likes:- India, Yamaha RX-Z , gb&a electric guitar, hobner acoustic guitar, badminton, table tennis, skating, traveling, nike shoes, levi’s jeans, driving cars & motorcycles.

    Dislikes:- Poverty, his glasses, friends who are not in touch, people bragging about their ‘on sight opportunities’, company appraisals, etc.

    Hope that's enough about me. Feel free to ask questions :D

    Crazy Engineer
  2. elfascinating

    elfascinating risqué

    What's the need to mention crazy explicitly?

    Wasn't engineer 'nuff?

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