Cracked NEck...Wat to do???

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by Con_fu_sed, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. Con_fu_sed

    Con_fu_sed New Member

    I bought a second hand guitar recently....Ibanez S470. I had kept my guitar on the bed when my small bro came up and the guitar fell down from the bed. The result is a crack near the headstock where the 2 screws go inside behind the headstock and the 1st fret.............
    dont know what to do.....
  2. gautam_bapuli

    gautam_bapuli New Member


    buy a new one yaar a good one will cost you around 2500
  3. god_of_guitar

    god_of_guitar New Member

    @Gautum.. take my advice.. stop replieng and be a silent member, itll be good for the site and everyone here...
    @topic.. take it to a guitar shop immediatly... post some picks so we can help better..
  4. Shreddy

    Shreddy LaneyManeyResurrection

    ^ill take 4 please.

    @threadstarter: don't expect much out of it. Its as good as gone. but i would suggest taking it to a luthier. If he says he cant do anything you could sell the parts on ebay. You will get quite a bit for them
  5. Con_fu_sed

    Con_fu_sed New Member

    I will post the pics tonight after reachin home....

    But why its bcum useless??
    The crack is not that wide open.....anyway i will post the pics tonight ...lets see...i am really tensed now......
  6. ambush

    ambush _RASTA_man_

    dont sell man, Go to a good luthier maybe he can make a new neck for it.
  7. Con_fu_sed

    Con_fu_sed New Member

    Here are the images.......

    It plays well though ...No change in the Sound as such......not even a bit.....the crack seems to be very narrow....
    i mean i tried to open it wide(Slowly to see the intensity of the crack) but the wood seemed to be very very strong of the neck................

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  8. mymusicmyguitar

    mymusicmyguitar New Member

    oouch that certainly Hurts...... :-(

    Dont worry at all man......and plz do not sell it at any cost........there are many ways to fix that crack......
    The neck can be easily Glued...and the crack certainly doent seem that bad........

    But plz plz plz do not wait for the worse to happen..take it to the luthier immediately for an inspection and if possible get it fixed...............
  9. mymusicmyguitar

    mymusicmyguitar New Member

  10. Shreddy

    Shreddy LaneyManeyResurrection

    Thats not bad...can be fixed....
  11. god_of_guitar

    god_of_guitar New Member

    tht can be fixed easily.. take it to a guitar shop immediatly..
  12. ambush

    ambush _RASTA_man_

    My friends guitar actually broke in 2 at that point.
    He got it glued at a guitar shop, that was 2 years ago and its still holding
  13. Shreddy

    Shreddy LaneyManeyResurrection

    ^But i heard there is a loss of tone and sustain and more technical BS but im sure us players wont see a difference. Btw that happened to my RG before i got it replaced...not that bad but just a crack between the two happened on its own though
  14. Con_fu_sed

    Con_fu_sed New Member

    I wil take it to the shop today. lets see what they say.
    i hope it doesnt turn out to be a brutal one .
    Lets see.
    I wil inform u guys soon bout it.
  15. jazzbox

    jazzbox His X Ln C 1000CC

    humm good..

    well its nop too much hurt mate ..

    but keep safety when tunning ur guitar

    keep play it like a girl frnd ;)

  16. Con_fu_sed

    Con_fu_sed New Member

    Took it to the shop yesterday.The Luthier over there told me that its minor crack wont make any difference even if i leave it that way. but for safety purpose i hv asked him to do whatever he can. he said he will apply the Glue.

    Thank god. I am relaxed now.
    Thank you all for a quick reply from your side
  17. Shreddy

    Shreddy LaneyManeyResurrection

    1. He's an idiot..... "wont make any difference even if i leave it that way" Thats ****ing bullshit. I did enough of research on what happens if you leave a cracked guitar as gets bigger. Due to the expansion of wood...the crack offers no resistance and it just gets bigger.... and applying of glue might not be such a good idea...theres a special type of binder thing that you need to put on it. Ask him if its that
  18. Life_Sans_Death

    Life_Sans_Death Acronym!

    Man, take it to an Ibanez authorized showroom or somebody like Peter Parreira (I spelled it right?)
  19. Con_fu_sed

    Con_fu_sed New Member

    he said he will be applyin some special Glue and will use some clamps to hold the joint together and will leave the guitar for 1 day along with the clamps. i wil get it tomm.
    i will check what he has done or else i will go to peter perriera for inspection.

    yeah and thats a proper workshop where he makes guitars. so he wil difinitely use a good quality Glue. My hearts not gonna stop beating faster till i get it tomm.
    i wil inform u guys tomm.
  20. mymusicmyguitar

    mymusicmyguitar New Member

    By the way where have you given you guitar for repairing?

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